Using Templates for quick responses

Templates help you automate replies to your Customers quicker than typing out the same message over and over again.

Creating your own templates

In your Organization settings you're able to create a new template for your entire team or for personal use. You can also see previously created templates in this area and modify them. Be sure to pick a memorable shortcut, which will be used later when you come to select the template in the Conversation reply.

Automating things with your templates

In the template editor, explore what sort of hash tags you can use with the # key. These fields will be automatically populated with the information from the customer. You can send a test email to your self if you wish to preview what it might look like.

Using templates in a conversation

Using templates in a conversation is super simple, remember that shortcut you picked for the template? Great. Head on over to a conversation you want to reply with the template and use the / key and begin writing the shortcut. From there, press enter on the template you wish (you can also use Up and Down arrows to cycle through other suggestions if there are any).

Using the template syntax

zenshop uses a syntax for enhacing templates to automatically fill values with customer and order information. Check the Template syntax guide for information on this.