Using Labels and Conversation types to organize your inbox

Labels and Conversation types are the best way to keep your inbox organized. A conversation can be given a single type but it can have multiple labels.
We recommend having a few important types that categorize conversations more generally and use labels for specific things. For example, you could have a conversation type "Customer Complaint" and labels "Urgent", "Product Defect".

Creating types and labels

You can create your own types and labels from the Organization settings under "Inbox Management". Anybody in the team can create and modify labels and types, they will be visible to all members. ❤️ We don't recommend deleting things without talking it over with the team first.

Filtering your conversations by type and label

You can use the sidebar on the left to filter conversations based on label and/or type, simply click on the label or type you're interested in and you'll see conversations are filtered. In this example, we filter by "Shipping Issue" and "High Priority". You can use the "Clear applied search filters" to remove the filter.