Setting up your Messenger

zenshop Messenger is a great way for your Customers to both contact you and solve their problems directly from your store page. We have a whole bunch of planned new features (checkout our Discord if you want to find out more!).

What zenshop Messenger can do

You can solve Customer problems directly from Messenger with articles, we highly recommend creating articles about subjects like your Shipping Policy and Returns Policy (just some examples), as well as more specific commonly asked questions unique to your store. Checkout how to use articles with Messeger.
Another great feature Messenger supports are topics. Topics let you categorize incoming messages from Customers so support staff have a better idea of the problem before reading the message by the Customer.

Displaying Messenger on your store page

Messenger can integrate directly with your store page with no code changes needed. We plan to support many different e-commerce systems - currently we support Shopify.