Conversations workflow

Every store is a little bit different, so your way for resolving Customer questions will be different, we're really keen to learn how you work and help improve your workflow - so please talk to us about your experience with zenshop as we'll work with you to enhance the experience.
Conversations will arrive in your shared inbox, all members in the team will be alerted to this through some notification (unless they have chosen not to).
The shared inbox
Customer messages will initiate a 24 hour count down to reply, conversations will be prioritized to the top that have been waiting the longest for a reply.

Assign the conversation to members in the team

When responding to a conversation in the Inbox we recommend the first action from a responder is to assign the ticket to the appropriate member in the team as a priority - this solves any ambiguity who is responsible for dealing with the Customer. You can also pick multiple people in the team if it's not clear exactly.
Selecting assignee to conversation

Write a private note giving the team extra information about the next few actions.

Additionally, if you think there might be some useful information we can communicate to team members about this, it's possible to leave a private note. Using private notes in a conversation​

Categorize the conversation with a type and labels

If the conversation isn't already assigned a type, we reccomend giving it one. It's very useful later when reviewing what sort of conversations are being dealt with by their type, and also helps you sort and organize your inbox.

Merge into any existing active conversations the customer has.

If the customer already has active conversations (check the customer profile under active conversations) it might be a duplicate. Merging the conversation will mean not doubling effort across multiple team members.

Waiting the conversation

Sometimes external things block you from dealing with the Customer, perhaps a logistics issue or payment provider (as an example). In these situations, once the Customers expectations are managed that their problem is being dealt with - you can set the conversation to "Waiting".
Setting the conversation as Waiting
Waiting conversations

Marking as Spam

Sometimes conversations are just spam. Use the trashcan icon to mark it as spam. If you're getting excessive spam please contact us and we'll work to resolve it for you.

Resolve the conversation

When the conversation has reached a conclusion, we reccomend marking the conversation as resolved. This can be done either from the reply box "Resolve and comment" or from the Action Area "Mark as resolved". Resolved conversations will be removed from the Inbox and stored in Done. After some time (typically 6 months) the conversation will be deleted.

Let us know how we can improve

We would love to understand your workflow and if there's things we can improve for you ❤️
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